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joaquin iglesias
Joaquin IglesiasEditor-In-Chief

Joaquin Iglesias

Editor In Chief – Hackers&Coffee | Owner & Founder – Hacking The People | Co-Founder, COO & Consultant  – Security-PTCI Chile  | CTO – The Cyber-Phalanx | PM – Phalanx-Con | Owner & Founder – Cybdemy | Ambassador – Low Voltage Nation. | CTO – SpartanCTF.

Tech-Entrepreneur | Security Expert | Counterintelligence & Counterterrorism Specialist | Start-Up Owner.

He is  working as the COO & Sr. Security Specialist at Security-PTCI Chile and working as the Temporary CISO and Sr. Information Security Analyst in a confidential Start-Up of Cybersecurity.

Has over 3+ Years of experience in Cybersecurity, Software Development, Hacking, and Web Development.

Prashant Dey
Prashant DeyPrincipal Writer

Prashant Dey

CTO – Hacking The People | CEO & Co-Founder – Find Me Mentor | CEO – TIMOO | Principal Writter – Hackers&Coffee |CTO & Co-Founder – Cybdemy. | Head of Research – AtharvaAI.

Author | Cybersecurity Expert | Tech- Entrepreneur | Educator | Start-Up Owner.

He is currently working as the CEO of Find Me Mentor, Head of Research at AtharvaAI, and as The Security Advisor at YuWee.

Has over 6+ Years of experience in Cybersecurity, Software Development and Teaching.

Is the Author of the books: Guide to Cybersecurity – Part 1 & Classical Cryptography.

Dan Webers JR. Technical Write

Dan Webers

Sr. Principal Security Researcher – Hacking The People | Jr. Technical Writer – Hackers&Coffee | Ambassador – Hacking The People.

CEH V10 | Security Consultant | System & Network Administrator | Security Consultant.

With an extensive career since he was a teen on IT and InfoSec, now being a professional Systems and Network Administrator, and Certified Ethical Hacker.

He is currently working with us, writing technical articles and doing critical decisions, for the future of Hacking The People

Has over 10+ Years of experience in Cybersecurity, and Teaching.  

Kapil Chouhan

JR. Writer Intern at Hackers&Coffee

Network Security Expert

Kapil ChouhanJR. Writer Intern

Suneet SinghJR. Technical Writer

Suneet Singh

JR. Technical Writer at Hackers&Coffee

Security Researcher

Manish Kumar

JR. Writer Intern at Hackers&Coffee | Cybersecurity Trainee at Hacking The People

Security Researcher

Manish Kumar JR. Writer Intern




 A Chilean Consulting Company of Cybersecurity, Counterintelligence and Cyber-intelligence.

Hacking The People

Hacking The People

International Group dedicated to the dissemination of cybersecurity through conferences, articles, and competitions called CTFs (Capture The Flag).

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The Cyber-Phalanx

The Cyber-Phalanx

Sister Company of Security-PTCI, dedicated to the training of companies, in the areas of InfoSec, Cybersecurity and Physical Security.