Steganography (Concealing Secrets)

Steganography (Concealing Secrets) | Written By Suneet Singh

In this article, Suneet Singh is going to teach you a simple steganography technique to conceal a .zip file inside any .jpg file using only the command prompt in windows 10.


is a technique for concealing a file or data inside another ordinary file or data to avoid the detection of supposedly secret data.

Steganography has many used in cyber world as it helps in maintaining confidentiality (of CIA triads) of data, but has found many uses in harm of digital space also, as malware developers and other malicious actors use it to conceal malicious codes and software inside unharmful looking softwares and code to avoid detectability and carry out their malicious intents.

STEPS (to hide your secret 😉 )

Step 1. Archive your secret file using WinRAR or similar software into a .zip file.
*( Here I am archiving a text file (top_secret_message.txt) into a .zip file(

Step 2. Copy an .jpg image into the same folder as your .zip file and open cmd inside this folder.

*( Here I copied ordinary.jpg into this folder and opened cmd inside this folder)

To open cmd inside this folder type cmd in the address bar and hit enter.

Step 3. In cmd enter the command 

“ copy /b yourimagefile.jpg +  newfile.jpg â€œ and hit enter.

After this a new .jpg file wil be created which contains inside it the hidden file.

Step 4. Now to open this image file and extract your secret file from it, just open this image file in WinRAR.

Here you can see you secret file hidden behind an ordinary jpg file.

Thank you for your time (Suneet Singh).

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