Types of Hackers

Types of Hackers | Written by Dan Weber

¿How many types of hackers exist?

In this article, Dan Webers is going to explain, ¿How many types of hackers exist?, ¿What role they have?, and ¿How to choose your path?.


¿Which type of hacker do you want to be?

So, you want to be a hacker. But do you know what kind of hacker you want to be?.
In this article, we will delve into the different kinds of hackers you will encounter on the internet.

Black Hat Hacker

First, lets look at the most common type of hacker available online, The black hat hacker.

Black Hat Hackers are the ones who will do anything for personal gain (Typically). You can usually find these hackers advertising on the dark web for hire.

They typically require payment in digital currency like Bitcoin, or Ethereum, however. There are many kinds of Digital Currency available on the internet.

So, payment will be at the hackers request. anything from hacking your spouse’s social media accounts to tracing a cell phone’s location, to grabbing banking details, are things that are constantly advertised.

Other services are things like DOS Attacks against websites, computers, or networks.

A DOS Arrack is a Denial of Service Attack. Essentially, where the attacker would create so much traffic that the service you’re trying to access is unavailable.

This is the most basic DOS Attack there is, other than physically unplugging computers, or burning down a building.

This has become increasingly difficult since the cloud has become popular, as one site can be accessed via different IPs.

If you’re looking to hire a Black Hat Hacker, be very cautious!. There are a lot of scammers out there that will gladly take your money and never provide the services they advertise.

White Hat Hacker

As opposed to the Black Hat Hacker, there is the White Hat Hacker.

The White Hat Hackers are the ones who are working into secure computers, networks, website, and the internet-

They are the «Good Guys» who work to prevent the Black Hat Hackers from performing their illegal activities.

A White Hat Hacker will commonly be found working in a large company, a hosting service, or independently as a contract worker.

They will perform security scans, help harden network defenses, configure routers, switches, hubs, and help others create a safe space for their needs.

This may include DMZs (DeMilitarized Zones) which are services that are made available to the public online, but do not give access to local networks.

A DMZ will typically be used for hosting a website locally rather than in the cloud.

If you need to secure a website, servers, network, or computer, then the White Hat Hacker can do this.

Grey Hat Hacker

A Grey Hat Hacker is a mix of Black Hat and White Hat Hackers.

Is someone with morals and ethics, someone who is willing to perform the tasks of a Black Hat Hacker, but also perform the tasks of a White Hat Hacker, depending on their whim.

If a Grey Hat Hacker needs additional money, lets say, then they may decide to do some Black Hat Hacking to make a quick and easy buck.

And if a Grey Hat Hacker needs a job, they may decide to take a job as a White Hat Hacker. and some will do both at the same time.

A Grey Hat Hacker usually has their own standards and limits on what they will hack, and what they won’t.

For example, they may decide that they will not hack any government services, yet they will hack a hospital, and some may decide that they will hack Social Media Accounts, but not web servers.

Its is all up the Hacker as to what they are willing to do based on the risks of the job.

In my opinion, I think the Grey Hat Hacker is the most versatile of the hackers covered so far.

Script Kiddies

Script Kiddies are wannabe hackers.

They do not know the proper way to hack, yet they try to use programs and code written by others, to perform tasks that they think will make them a hacker, or make them look like a hacker.

These can be very dangerous to an organization as they don’t really know what they are doing, yet their ego usually tells them they are «God» when it comes to hacking.

Script Kiddies are usually very destructive, without really knowing what they are doing to another machine, or the effect some of the programs or code will have on a target computer.

They do not know how to hide when hacking and are therefore usually very easy to trace; I don’t really hear much about Script Kiddies anymore, as they seem to be an Open-and-Shut case when they penetrate a company.

Calling someone a «Script Kiddie» is usually an insult to the hacker and is never received well. It creates hostility between the two parties, and can be detrimental to everyone.

State Sponsored Hacker

A State Sponsored Hacker is usually a hacker who is employed by a country, law enforcement, or military.

They have legal permission to hack anything the state needs access to, and are usually depicted on T.V Shows such as FBI, CSI, etc…

State Sponsored Hackers can also be employed by a government, and hack other countries to better position their own country in the world economics.

They are able to take down other countrys financial systems, spy on other countries, expose foreign politicians, or hack election machines.

They can be very detrimental to other countries and are granted safe heaven from legal prosecution.


Hacktivists are maybe the most publicized type of hacker in the world.

The most famous one is probably anonymous.

Members are found around the globe to create one of the larges hacktivist groups there is, others include Lizard Squad, The Level Crew, Chaos Computer Club, LulzSec, Syrian Electronic Army, GlobalHell, NHCP, and TeaMp0ison.

They each have their own agenda, and operate outside the law, for the most part, they all do risk law enforcement, and even more so, depending on what or who they decide to hack.

The Hacktivist Hacker is more prone to acting against something they believe to be wrong, whether or not it’s within their own country.

It is speculated that some Hacktivist Groups want world domination, when it comes to the internet, and that is a goal they are constantly working towards.

In Closing

There are many different types of hackers out there that you may encounter.

These are the basic 6 categories that most hackers fall into.

My advice: Read, Read, Read, Research, Research, Research, Learn, Learn, Learn, and DO IT AGAIN!.

Make sure you know what kind of hacker you want to become, the risks that your choice entails, and the repercussions of your decisions.

It all depends on you!.

Thank you for your time (Dan Webers)

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